Diary of a Feminist: When Women are Both Victims and Culprits

Most social customs revolve around the institu­tion of the family. And the family, or home, is the wo­man’s domain. So let’s face the fact that women play a significant role in perpetuating decadent so­cial customs.

Women dominate family af­fairs no matter how much sub­jugated they are in other mat­ters of life. But their domi­nance is pathetic. Because the dominance is over petty, superfluous things masked by the disproportionate importance attached to them. By women themselves. Who else?

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Diary of a Feminist: The Senseless Customs in Our Society

Social change is a comp­licated phenomenon. It is weird. Because it brings in its wake an erosion of val­ues you’d have liked to preserve. It is frightening. Because it doesn’t move an inch the system you wish to wipe out.

Why does a society cling so stubbornly to cumbersome, decadent customs while los­ing grip on norms tangible and functional? Does this show a deep malaise, a tendency towards self-destruction?

Perhaps it does. I see no other explanation of the almost pathological perseverance and archaic glorification of the customs that go with marriage.

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